Why did we pick an octopus for our logo? Well we’ll tell you. The octopus has many arms which a good marketing firm needs to get you in all the places you need to be at once to ensure your success. Those arms are strong, long, and powerful, to be able to extend your marketing reach!

An Octopus body can rapidly alter its shape, enabling octopuses to squeeze through small gaps which a good marketing firm needs to be flexible to find the best solutions for your project. Octopuses are fiercely smart! They can use many tools and can solve complex puzzles which is what any good marketing firm needs to be able to do in order to get you the right promotional mix strategy. Octopuses have 500 million neurons, around 350 million of which are along the arms, arranged in clusters called ganglia. They help process sensory information on the fly, allowing the octopus to react faster to external factors like Inked needs to during your advertising.