"Our Team Leads dive into the core of your product's campaign, enhancing the project's most vital elements and omitting excess content. These focused creative passes allow your content a thriving opportunity to connect with your ideal audience enabling the content to tell the story you creatively envisioned."

Melanie Guillotte – Operations Manager, Inked Studios


1. We meet with you, listen to your needs, and find which package fits you best.

2. We send you a step-by-step sheet for onboarding.

3. Our team reviews your art, story, and campaign to create ads and animation.

4. Your campaign is placed into one of our award-winning templates.

5. Pre-launch ads are finalized and placed.

6. We circulate your campaign with media contacts.

7. Your campaign is launched and monitored from start to finish.

After your campaign is done, we even discuss fulfillment techniques with you to give your fans a great customer experience.


Why did we pick an octopus for our logo? The octopus has many arms, which a marketing firm needs to get you in all the places you need to be at once to ensure your success. Those arms are strong, long, and powerful to be able to extend your marketing reach!

An octopus body can rapidly alter its shape, enabling octopuses to squeeze through small gaps which a good marketing firm needs to be flexible to find the best solutions for your project.

Octopuses are fiercely smart! They can use many tools and can solve complex puzzles which is what any good marketing firm needs to be able to do in order to get you the right promotional mix strategy. Octopuses have 500 million neurons, around 350 million of which are along the arms, arranged in clusters called ganglia. They help process sensory information on the fly, allowing the octopus to react faster to external factors like Inked needs to connect your campaign with the right audience during your campaign.


The Inked Team is very proud of Justin Gray for his comic Billy the Kit! We took care of this campaign for Justin, and soon after the Kickstarter was done, the book was picked up by Blue Juice Comics and is coming to a Local Comic Shop (LCS) near you!

“Social media ads are a very important part of any Kickstarter campaign and Inked Marketing understands, and executes this by boosting your material with eye-catching branding.”

Justin Gray – Creator of Billy the Kit and Spicy Pulp

When people go, “That ad looks good!” it is because there was “ad architecture” that was used to move the eye around in a manner that was pleasing.

• This campaign featured ads and press release

• An animotion™ video was created

• “NSC Roadshow Podcast Tour” appearances